Key points

XR Shape, for an immersive experience of your CAD projects today


Thanks to unique technological features allowing you an immersive experience in your projects and confronting your projects to reality by the use of holograms, you will work more efficiently and enhance your projects.

Integration to Windows

XR Shape is fully integrated to Windows and more specifically to the Mixed Reality Portal. Application is easy to install and use.

3D CAD Files

Common CAD files are supported, mostly .STEP, .IFC ou .STL.

XR Shape takes full advantage of each format : exact geometric formulation or facetted shapes (BRep), attributes, product manufacturing information (PMI), etc.

Associativity, Parametrization, Undo/Redo

Associativity and parametrization are essential features for a CAD software and therefore make XR Shape unique.

If I place a part C regarding the position of a part B itself positined regarding the position of a part A : If I move part A, everything moves !

All actions made in XR Shape, even the more complex ones, may be undone or redone.


XR Shape allows to create assemblies with multiple parts thanks to a powerful positioning tool. Many types of constraints are available (plan on plan, point on axis, etc.), all of them are editable and parametrized.

Smart environment detection

In augmented reality, it is easy to position a 3D object in real-space thanks to a positioning wizard that detects floor and walls and creates a magnetism in only a few mouse clicks (position the hologram of a 3D object onto a wall for example).


Manipulations have been eased since our software manages different kinds of controlers and because it also includes vocal commands : in other words XR Shape responds to your sight, your fingers and your voice.

Surface repair

For faceted shapes, XR Shape has a surface repair module : essential for exact positioning !